Página oficial del Carnaval de Badajoz, Fiesta de interés turístico internacional

New official website of the Badajoz Carnival

New official website of the Badajoz Carnival

The Department of Fairs and Festivities of the City Council of Badajoz presents this new website with the support of new profiles on social networks with the aim of promoting our Carnival as a Festival of International Tourist Interest. They are communication and dissemination tools that were born in this edition of 2021 and that intend to grow and evolve over time at the service of promoting the Carnival of our city on the internet and on social networks, giving it a more international character and facilitating the transmission of information between organizers, participants, fans, visitors and anyone interested in knowing more about the most identifying festival in Badajoz.

The page first presents the information on the latest edition, contests, poster, event schedule, photo galleries, program and in the future online ticket purchase for COMBA and for the acquisition of spaces for the Grand Carnival Parade.

The groups have an important and protagonist section, since they are the architects, together with what we call the Street Carnival of our party. A list and a file for each group will appear: comparsas, murgas, artefacts and minor group. To complete this information, a recruitment form has been published so that the groups themselves can have their presentation card and updated photos, which can be completed at the following address: https://forms.gle/tQ3NcyrvMNZdzXE46 or directly by sending an email to comunicacion@carnavaldebadajoz.org

There is a directory of visitor services, such as accommodation, specialized stores, bars and restaurants, guides, workshops and other events and, as has been done for groups, the possibility is being given to those interested in appearing in this section sending the form published in https://forms.gle/PBRt8X62rVmnno9i6 or sending an email to comunicacion@carnavaldebadajoz.org

The archive and history sections of the Carnival are being worked on and content will be provided continuously and successively. Collect a review of the history of the Badajoz Carnival through various images from its early years to the present.


New official website of the Badajoz Carnival

Adaptive design

The adaptive design allows the correct visualization of all the pages regardless of which device we are using. This technique allows the same web interface to look good and adapt to the width of the screen of tablets, mobile phones, laptops and desktops, e-books, etc. very efficiently, without duplicating content and reducing development and maintenance time because the content always adapts naturally


Special attention has been paid to improving the navigation and usability of the site, directing all the contents, initially, to the large groups of interest: news, program, groups, events and displaying the information in a grouped way and clear, in order for the user to locate and reach the destination page in the minimum of clicks. The most relevant content is highlighted through colored iconographic banners and each of these content is in turn related to other similar content through specific labels, links and banners.

Clear and highly legible fonts are used on the screen to facilitate the reading of texts and flat and pleasant colors that help to differentiate and locate areas of interest on the screen, menus and navigation submenus are placed on all pages, it is avoided to the extent the use of pop-up windows whenever possible, animations and distractions for the user are avoided, a coherent design is maintained in all the contents and a web map has been created that helps the user and the search engines to locate the pages.


Now it is easier to share content on your usual social networks, by clicking on the icons of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn you can share information from your own mobile phone. In addition, the Carnival has official profiles on Facebook and Twitter and we have a YouTube channel.

Website: https://carnavaldebadajoz.org
Profile on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CarnavalAytoBad
Page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CarnavaldeBadajozOficial
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMnNnnetT_4T9xX1Plc7i_z9OZ2sgbwDF

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