Página oficial del Carnaval de Badajoz, Fiesta de interés turístico internacional

Badajoz Carnival has been declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest

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The Carnival of Badajoz has obtained the recognition of Fiesta of International Tourist Interest, granted by the Secretary of State for Tourism, with the signing of the declaration by the secretary, Fernando Valdés, after verifying that the application submitted by the City Council of Badajoz meets the requirements established in the Order ICT/851/2019, of July 25.

Congratulations and thanks to all those who have made it possible. In 2022 we finally celebrate the declaration of a festival that was already popularly considered as international and as the reference festival of the city and the region and one of the great festivals of Spain.  And above all the party of the carnival, the street, the comparsas, artifacts and smaller groups, the murgas and all those who participate and enjoy these festivities for over 40 years.

This Carnival is a source of pride for Badajoz.

Press Conference Tourism – Carnival of Badajoz

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