Página oficial del Carnaval de Badajoz, Fiesta de interés turístico internacional

Infectos Acelerados

This adventure began with a group of friends and family who decided to be part of the history of the carnival creating a group in 1984 with the dream of participating in the carnival of Badajoz brightening up the streets with their handmade costumes and above all with their desire to have fun.

The years have gone by and we have been accumulating awards thanks to the recognition of the city and the people of Extremadura, but the most important thing has been to create a family that has come to amount to more than 140 people with the idea of being a United group and not lose the guideline of our beginnings.

From Higuera de Vargas, Granada, the Expo in Seville, the Fallas … to be the first representatives of the famous and wonderful Carnival of Nice, where we deploy all our Extremaduran charm promoting what is for us the best carnival in the world.

Samurais, devils, flies, snakes, dragons, even deities have inspired us in our projects. Currently with a moderate family of people, we continue fighting to try to surprise our city working throughout the year by and for this source that has become a way of life, a passion that few understand, but when they try a little they find it hard to be without it.

Next 2022, we will be there and we will arrive with all the strength we can get, so get ready because the Infectos Acelerados will arrive to sweep our streets.